Why KFC SUCKS in the USA But Dominates Almost Every Other Market

Just a few years ago, KFC and Mcdonald’s were in a battle for the greatest fast-food restaurant. KFCs, food was consistent and moms would rush to the restaurant after their kids soccer weekend game. Now KFC is losing its status in the US. Chick-fil-A is bigger than KFC, and Popeye’s is getting close to overthrowing the franchise. It’s at a point where KFC has closed 1,400 stores since just 2004. Almost everybody agrees that their food quality has reduced drastically, and they simply suck now. 

Except it’s not like this everywhere. In fact, the chicken chain is thriving in multiple other markets. 
Let us have a look at why KFC Sucks in the USA but dominates in other Markets.

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Video Credits:
Narrator – Pat
Editors – Kshitiz and Bhuvi, Yash
Writer – Tristyn

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0:00 Introduction
0:58 The Colonel
3:09 Branching Out
5:44 A Tragic Decline
6:05 Competition
7:10 Customer Service
7:46 Food Quality
8:33 Affordable Prices
8:59 Cleanliness
9:45 Nostalgia
10:57 Conclusion