What Franchise Consultants Aren’t Telling You About Franchising

Want to franchise your business? Are you an emerging franchisor? Nick Powills and Charles N. Internicola will talk about the secrets and facts franchise consultants aren’t telling you about the process to becoming a GREAT franchisor.

1. Having the right expectations.
If a business just started a franchise and is disappointed they didn’t have 25 units of the franchise as quickly as they expected, they may get discouraged easily. By having the right expectations, you can learn to be more patient with the business.

2. Selling the first franchise is the most difficult time.
When a business first starts to franchise, that first franchise sales is the hardest one to get. People think that once they franchise that people will come and buy a franchise, but it doesn’t happen instantly and it takes time.

3. If they are a bad consultant and they say that they are good.
Franchise consultants will always say that they are there to help and will better your business, but that doesn’t always meant that its true. If they provide bad to none leads or recommend people unfit to become a franchisee, they are only there for the money and nothing more.

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