Unit 4- Enterprise Growth Strategies,Disadvantages of Franchising to FRANCHISEE and to FRANCHISOR

These Entrepreneurship lectures are prepared by Faculty with more than 20 years of teaching experience, Enterprise growth strategies, CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship, disadvantages of franchising, disadvantages to franchisor, disadvantages to franchisee ,notes of disadvantages of franchising.Advantages of franchising, advantages of franchising to franchisor, advantages of franchising to franchisee, notes of advantages of franchising, notes of advantages of franchising to franchisor, notes of advantages of franchising to franchisor, benefits of franchising.types of franchise,Notes of franchise, notes of enterprise growth strategies,product based franchise, manufacturing franchise, business format franchise, business franchise opportunity venture, Franchise, franchising, meaning, ingredients of franchise agreement, Royalty, internal expansions, external expansion, funding,advantages of franchising, disadvantages of franchising, franchiser, types of franchise ,franchisee, franchise, start ups, advantages of franchising to start ups. Advantages of Entrepreneurship, Disadvantages of Entrepreneurship, These videos are recorded by highly experienced and specialized faculty. The explanation given in the video notes.
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