The Secret To Becoming The 800 lb Gorilla in Franchising – Horse Power Brands

Horse Power Brands has created a culture that attracts the 800 pound gorillas in the franchise industry. Are you one of the gorillas? Find out here!

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0:00 I have two special guests for you, Zack Beutler and Josh Skolnick, the founders of Horsepower Brands. They are here to tell you all an amazing story of North American domination for every brand that they’re bringing to market.

1:22 All about Horse Power Brands
Horse Power Brands is an umbrella company of home service brands with four different service brands. They’re scheduled to launch three additional brands in the near future. They do things a little bit different. They acquire companies in their infancy or before they’re a franchise so that they can put the right amount of capital behind them from the beginning, allowing them to provide a different type of support, which then allows us to attract a different type of franchisee. This leads to faster growth and success. They also help with vertical integration, so they own the marketing company that they work with to scale on demand, as well as other verticals.

The focus at Horse Power Brands is number one, franchisee success, and building the infrastructure to support what they believe will be long-term legacy brands. They thinking not just about what do they need today, but more importantly, what’s coming down the pike three to five years down the road. Infrastructure is a huge part of that in the way that they’re vertically integrating beyond just being a franchisor and acquiring many of the vendors they do business with. They’re launching vendor verticals to support their franchisees with a higher level of customer service and better control over costs.

3:05 Why they own their verticals
Vendors are truly an extension of a franchisor, and they can play a big role in making or breaking a franchisor. Horse Power Brands closely monitors their our explosive growth in the way that they grow brands. They have the financial wherewithal and intellectual capital of the vendors we do business with to identify early on if their organization is going to outgrow some of the vendors that they do business with or need within their systems. When they identify those issues, they jump in and take control by making an acquisition of a brand within that service space or acquiring somebody they already do business with.

7:03 The type of candidate they attract
Horse Power Brands’ personality and culture as an organization is fast-paced, aggressive, and loud. They have a certain purpose. And by increasing the investment level of a brand, it allows them to attract a specific type of franchisee with the desire and intellectual capacity to become the 800-pound gorilla in the marketplace. That is their personality. So, if someone doesn’t have that personality for their culture as a franchisee, they tend to be a little bit frustrated because they’re pushing them to grow. Horse Power wants them to have a big business. By having certain aspects of the investment at a higher level, it allows them to scale the business faster and capture more of the market at a faster pace. They’ve already found that from initially being able to cashflow the business and increase average unit volumes, it creates fantastic results.

13:18 Franchisee success is vital
When they launch an emerging brand, if the first franchisees are not successful, the brand does not grow. And that’s why they’re putting so much focus on the initial growth for those first franchisees because they’re paving the way for the other franchisees in the future.

“Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.”
–Mark Twain.

Follow people who have a track record of understanding what doesn’t work as much as it does work. That is the biggest fear that every candidate coming to the idea of owning a business has. Am I going to fail? Find people in franchising who inspire you, people who have a track record, who you can lean into and learn from and grow with. That’s why I invited Josh and Zach to today, so they could share that story with you. If this story has inspired you to want to take action and potentially begin your journey exploring one of the Horse Power Brands, please reach out using the email below.

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