The Best Way to Get Rich Running Jiu-jitsu Gyms — Franchise Course (leaked)

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Im making this video series on owning and operating jiu-jitsu academies for all the people who love jiujitsu and are looking for a vehicle to orient their lifestyle and income around it.

Jiu-jitsu gyms are great businesses with high returns and low start-up costs, so they make great starter-projects for entrepreneurs who love jiu-jitsu.

This content is free but I do have a partner program for people who would like to model my systems and business strategies. IF you are a gym owner who is looking to scale their member numbers or an aspiring gym owner looking to make his mark in the world, we will work with you to make sure you have the best chances of success.

I want jiu-jitsu to thrive and have as many people exposed to it as possible which means we need more gyms! At the end of the day its US the gym owners who grow jiu-jitsu and awareness. We are the tip of the spear so I want to arm any able bodied men and women to challenge themselves and make great money while training with your buddies.

You can contact us through the form on GO THERE AND FILL IT OUT TODAY!

00:00 Who I am
01:18 What is the AJJ franchise framework
03:12 Goals and what the Jiu-jitsu product is
06:00 Culture differences that have led to some bad outcomes
07:45 Slight tirade about the former glory of the USA
08:05 Catalyst of why I decided to start repping a new name for my jiu-jitsu
09:00 tying back into the hierarchy of blackbelt guru status and hero worship
11:00 AJJ is not trying to steal anything or claim any existing techniques
11:30 grappling exists in all nations and thru all history not just brazil or japan
13:30 The struggle of defining something that has never existed before
14:10 Saying/doing the dogmatic shibboleths to maintain your status in the Bjj gym
15:00 How using my new frame work lead us to instant success
16:30 objection: well what if your gym was only successful because ur famous!
17:50 How to do all this: Whats inside the franchise course