The cleaning industry in America is big business. Bringing in more than $40 billion annually, about 90 percent of this is carried out by franchised cleaning businesses. While a significant portion of this industry covers commercial and carpet/upholstery cleaning services, the residential cleaning sector has, since around 2010, seen steady growth of more than 5 percent. And this figure is expected to increase.
What is driving this increase in those looking for someone to do their housework for them? Well, the ageing population is one factor. Empty nest households, with those within the age bracket of 55 to 65, are the biggest market. Especially when you consider more and more people are working right up till retirement age.
Double income families, especially those who juggle family with young children and work responsibilities, simply don’t have the time or energy to keep a clean house. For the relatively small cost to get someone in to clean each week, many see housekeeping services as a necessity and not a luxury.
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