New PS5 Shells Revealed And A BIG Game Franchise Set For A Return? | News Wave

Dbrand revealed that Sony had threatened to sue over their original Darkplates for the PS5, but just a day later they have introduced new Darkplates while taking several shots at Sony. A new report is pointing to a new Splinter Cell game being greenlit at Ubisoft.

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Darkplates are back. Checkmate, Lawyers. from dbrand


00:00 – Start

00:41 – October Game Pass Games

1:57 – Weird Pokemon Video

3:05 – GameStop Holding Another PS5 Restock On Friday

4:10 – Splinter Cell Reportedly Going Into Production At Ubisoft

7:41 – DBrand Introduces New Darkplates For PS5

11:01 – Game Pass Subscriber Growth Misses Expectations

13:35 – Xbox 20th Anniversary Event Announced

15:47 – Poll

16:48 – Comment Of The Day

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