Jon Ostenson on the Challenges of Investing at the Franchise Level

Today we welcome Jon Ostenson CEO of FranBridge Consulting & Capital (FBC). As the former president of an Inc. 500 franchise system and a multi-brand franchisee himself, Jon is an expert in non-food franchise industries. At FBC, he educates clients and introduces them to franchising investment opportunities.

What You’ll Learn
Investing opportunities in the franchise industry
Rise of non-food and non-retail franchises
Franchisee VS franchisor level of investment
Challenges in franchise investing

[00:39] Getting to know Jon Ostenson
[01:47] Why Jon got into private equity
[02:48] Common mistake by PE firms and portfolio companies
[05:03] Reasons to invest in the franchise industry
[08:46] Industry and market trends in franchising
[10:10] Challenges of investing at the franchise level
[11:35] Convincing LPs to invest in franchise businesses
[12:53] Advice to PE firms about niche specialization
[14:35] Notable attributes of top-performing individuals
[16:37] Jon’s learning resources
[19:38] Employee retention and succession planning
[20:47] Jon’s advice to his 20-year-old self

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