How The PureBarre Franchise Built A New Corporate Team From The Ground Up, Growing To 580+ Locations

Sarah Luna, President of Pure Barre discusses how she built a best-in-class corporate leadership team with the help of Global Talent Solutions, simultaneously keeping the 520+ location franchise system afloat while not slowing growth. Results: 12 new executive hires in under 5 weeks and +36% YOY system-wide sales.

Pure Barre began franchising in 2009 and has since exploded in popularity. Today, Pure Barre is the largest and most established Barre franchise across North America, with more than 580 locations and more in development.

Global Talent Solutions (GTS) is the leader in Franchise Executive Search. When attracting and hiring the very best executives in the franchise industry was critical, Pure Barre chose to partner with Global Talent Solutions to get it done!

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