Halo Infinite SAVED? | Microsoft & Phil Spencer Firing 343 Management is Best News for Xbox in Years

Well it finally happened, Phil Spencer and Microsoft have finally taken action against 343 Industries and fired most of the management at the studio responsible for arguably one of the most pathetic excuses for a AAA game and overall decline of the Halo Franchise, Halo Infinite. Ever since launch Halo Infinite has been a complete failure and overall the lack of post launch support has made Halo Infinite the Worst Halo game of all time. To put it shortly, over 1 year later Halo Infinite still sucks and Microsoft made the right decision getting rid of the management at 343 responsible for this catastrophic failure.

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Halo Infinite since launch has been going downhill which is a shame because the core gameplay of Halo Infinite is very enjoyable all things considered. However, the complete incompetence and absolute failure of 343 Industries, Xbox, and Microsoft to actually provide meaningful content updates, add missing gameplay features, and fix serious issues plaguing the game tells us all we need to know. Halo Infinite is a dying game and 343 is more interested in milking the dwindling playerbase for as much money as possible on their way out through cosmetic items than to actually save this game by adding what it so desperately needs…CONTENT. Halo Infinite ever since release has been surrounded in controversy and has remained a very polarizing topic amongst Halo fans and the overall gaming community. On one had you have the people that love and enjoy Halo Infinite and on the other hand you have people proclaiming “Halo Infinite Sucks”, ‘Halo Infinite is Trash”, “Halo Infinite is Bad”, “Halo Infinite is a Bad Halo Game” and what is sad is the later might be correct.

Bonnie Ross, the Head of 343 Industries has been FIRED by Microsoft and is leaving Xbox effective immediately. Honestly I am surprised it took this long but what does it mean for the Halo franchise and more specifically Halo Infinite….