Franchise Law: Using Expert Witnesses in Franchise Cases

Franchise Attorney Jeff Goldstein discusses a recent case involving expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are normally used in franchise cases to prove damages. Usually the lost profits for either parties need to be supported by an expert, be it an accountant, an economist, or someone else with a financial background to testify on their behalf.

Getting an expert to testify for a franchisee is difficult because they are very expensive. It is also more difficult for a franchisee to prove damages compared to a franchisor. In a recent case, the expert witness for a franchisor did not meet many of the standards of evidence to allow his testimony to be submitted.

He was asked if he would recommend to one of his own clients if they should invest in the franchisor. The expert said that he was not able to determine that. When asked about his sampling methods, he admitted that he only contacted franchisees that he knew, and that were his friends.

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