Franchise for Sale: ManCave for Men

Join Man Cave for Men’s Emad Aovida, and Vetted Biz’s Co-founder, Patrick Findaro, on Facebook and YouTube Live as they review the ManCave for Men franchise opportunity and the men’s grooming industry relevant to barbershops.

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ManCave Founding Year And History
Emad: Hi, Patrick. Thank you for having me. And thank everybody who’s listening. So my name as Patrick said, my name is Emad Aovida. I’m the founder and the owner of ManCave for Men. I started this business in 2000. The first store was opened in 2011. And in two years later we opened you know, we were doing really good. And we went we opened a second location.

In 2018, we decided to start franchising. So right now we have nine operating stores and three under construction, we trying to have them open by the end of this year. And also another three that we are in lease negotiation right now. And also we just hired a development company that we’re gonna be expanding to all, most states, especially none registered, and we have a few that we’re gonna register too. So we’re gonna be almost going after like 30 states by… this is gonna start November.

Patrick: Really exciting stuff, Emad. So tell me a little bit how did you get into the barber shop space? So you first started in engineering and then entered the civil construction interior build outs? How did you come across barber shops?

Why a Barbershop Franchise?
Emad: Okay, as you are aware, Patrick, back in 2010 when we have that recession, and the construction went really bad. So I started looking for other ideas and I always liked the idea of beauty to be in the beauty business. And I’ve seen the lack of of having like a place for men that he can go and just like, you know, women do have a salon that they can go there have their manicure, pedicure, haircuts, facials, and everything maintain.

Patrick: A man cave a place setting out.

Emad: Exactly so when I thought the man needs also the same, you know, I felt like we were lacking that and we needed a place for a man. So the first thing came to my mind the man cave, you know, a place for the men to go and feel comfortable and even myself I used to go to hair salons and I never felt comfortable being there you know? Especially, with women being next to, you know, women using like hair blower and very loud. And so I wanted something more quiet more somebody can come in, they have sport channels we have like a large screen TVs, you come in you relax, you grab up a beer or Hawaiian,…

Patrick: That’s nice.

Emad: …and enjoy, you know, enjoy just that feeling that you’re in your own man cave.

How often do most of your customers visit a ManCave For Men?
Emad: We have customers that come every two weeks, and we have a lot they come every almost two weeks.

Patrick: I imagine especially because beards are becoming more fashionable, first time in many, many years, that they’re becoming more fashionable that people wanna pay for that.

Men’s Grooming: Emerging Trend
Emad: That’s true. I mean, if you see I mean now, right now, if you look at the, 80s, 90s and what’s going on now, men now you see that they really take care of themselves. You see, like the beard, you see the trimming, you see the manicure, everybody like to look more clean, even see people like, just with the hair growing or leaving their, you know, just wild…

Patrick: And probably a key thing at first, maybe you started in big cities like New York, but since then it’s spread all over.

Emad: It did. It did.

Patrick: So yeah, definitely. I mean, in Miami, you clearly see that. And now we’re starting to see that across the states. So how do you, you know, one thing that I found that is kind of difficult, on the man grooming space, and just the beauty industry overall is finding and training the employees, the barbers in this case, because at times, they’re kind of like an artist, and they can be kind of difficult to manage if you don’t have the right systems in place. So could you tell me a little bit about how you find trained barbers, support franchisees with those efforts?

Training Staff for Your Franchise
Emad: Yeah, I mean, first of all, when we hire a barber, we make sure he brings someone with him, so he can watch how he does his haircuts to make sure it’s all standards. And after that, what we’ll do, we’ll take them to shadow another barbers that we have for a week or two weeks to make sure they are following our standards.

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