Finding The Best Franchise Concept With Low Startup Costs

Finding the Best Franchise Concept with Low Startup Costs

Question #1:
Hi Beau, I’m trying to figure out what franchise might be a good option for me. I have about $150k on the sidelines and like the idea of owning some sort of home-based business. I should have pretty low startup costs and the business would have to align with my skill set. I am extremely handy and work for a large property management company doing project management.
How would you go about starting the search for a franchise concept? I would love to own my own business after 20 years with my current employer.

[00:05] Beau introduces this episode’s Q&A session with Bill Davis.
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[01:03] Franchising as a trend in starting your own business
[01:27] Home-based businesses are good to have low overhead and high-profit markets
[0:41] Watch the “Home Service Franchise Concept Opportunities [Kura Home Maintenance]” episode here:
[01:54] Choose an option that aligns with your startup capital
[02:15] Start out with one van and do a home service business
[03:05] Figure out where your skills are
[03:33] What type of business is ideal if you have project management skills

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