FDD Review | Detailed Guide to Review FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document Explained)

I go through EVERY Item in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) This is a thorough FDD Review video. The FDD Review Cost is FREE! As you Buy a Franchise or think about Buying a Franchise the FDD Review is crucial! A traditional Franchise Consultant won’t ever go in this much detail. This is From Franchise Coach Tariq Johnson.

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-FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) Review Made Easy! (Detailed Guide to Review FDD)

-10 Questions to Ask Franchise Owners

-25 Questions to Ask Franchisors

– 9 Vital Steps BEFORE Buying a Franchise

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Item 1 – 4:58
Item 2- 5:18
Item 3 -6:14
Item 4- 6:45
Item 5- 7:05
Item 6- 7:28
Item 7- 8:25
Item 8- 10:30
Item 9-11:08
Item 10-11:54
Item 11-12:15
Item 12- 13:08
Item 13- 15:09
Item 14- 15:39
Item 15- 16:00
Item 16- 17:20
Item 17- 17:38
Item 18- 18:45
Item 19- 19:09
Item 20- 21:47
Item 21- 23:43
Item 22- 24:27
Item 23- 25:02


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