Discover Strength Personal Training Franchise Opportunities | Luke Carlson, CEO & Founder

I’m Chantal Brodrick and on behalf of The Fitness Business Podcast I’m thrilled to welcome Luke Carlson, CEO, and Founder of Discover Strength, and our newest Podcast Partner: Discover Strength Personal Training Franchise.

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00:00 Intro music
00:54 Intro to Discover Strength Personal Training Franchise
02:59 For a personal trainer what does this franchise opportunity look like?
06:34 Leadership, Management & Customer Service opportunities
08:01 The key to franchise growth (Luke shares what he has learned)
12:02 A member’s perspective of working out at Discover Strength
13:15 Who is the ideal franchise partner for Discover Strength?
15:40 How to get in touch with Luke Carlson and learn more

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