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Franchising is increasingly seen as a way for authorities to deliver efficient, reliable mobility across their region. Though a significant undertaking, franchising success can be supported by Trapeze’s range of proven technology solutions, which help authorities from route planning through to measuring operators’ performance and managing payments.
With Trapeze, authority staff use one system to create and tender routes, then manage and validate responses. Meanwhile, collaboration portals ensure bus operators are always aware of all route variations. Bus operators equipped with integrated scheduling tools can quickly respond to tenders with valid, competitive responses so planners can focus on optimisation and profitability.
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are a fundamental element, ensuring authorities can manage all aspects of the network. In London and Singapore, transparent, trusted and accurate trip validation underpins the entire KPI model and determines operator payments.
Duty Allocation Systems (DAS) provides transparency and alerting to help operators deliver the contracted service. Mobile sign-on prevents failed reliefs and further optimises operations. And while franchising is traditionally associated with fixed route buses, Trapeze is ready to accommodate ‘Flex’ services, where vehicles can deviate from schedules to meet real-time demand. Having supported successful franchised models in London and Singapore, Trapeze has unique experience in this area.