A New Build – To Franchise Or Not? with Brian Riseland – S1 E19 Laundromat Millionaire Show

When entering a new industry, is joining a franchise a good idea? Listen as Dave “The Laundromat Millionaire” Menz and his wife, Carla discuss the pros and cons of joining a franchise with Brian Riseland, a former Microsoft exec and owner of Laundry Genius. Follow along as Brian shares how lessons he learned at Microsoft have helped him to be a better laundromat owner, how he made the decision on whether to join a franchise, his tips for branding and marketing, as well as his journey into the laundromat industry and where he’s headed next. No matter what industry you may pursuing, this episode is full of great advice for any business owner wanting to improve their business!

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00:00:00 Intro Quotes – The Laundromat Millionaire Show
00:02:02 How to be a guest on our show
00:03:00 Laptops to Laundromats
00:04:15 Sharing Knowledge Across the Industry
00:05:20 “Laundry Genius”? All About Branding
00:09:20 Brian’s Backstory
00:11:37 Lessons from Microsoft
00:15:29 The Single Main Idea in Marketing
00:16:50 Branding to Elevate the Industry
00:19:47 Why left Microsoft
00:21:35 Should I buy or franchise?
00:25:17 Creating a business, not a job
00:26:18 Pros & Cons of Franchising
00:34:30 Deciding to Build
00:36:15 Determining the Where – Location, Location, Location
00:38:43 Importance of a Great Distributor
00:41:58 Lease Negotiations
00:43:14 Permit Purgatory
00:44:05 Starting the Build
00:45:08 Focusing on the Website and SEO
00:46:00 Opening the New Store
00:47:02 Why look for a stand alone building?
00:48:46 Buying the Real Estate?
00:50:09 Advice for a Great Lease
00:52:42 Make-up of the New Store
00:57:47 Adding Pick-up & Delivery?
01:00:04 Why use Cents?
01:05:08 Thoughts on Using Door Dash for Delivery
01:08:36 Pricing
01:15:00 Sharing Your Knowledge
01:17:04 Recommended Resources
01:23:00 Parting Thoughts
01:23:36 Brian’s Contact Info